About Us

Hello my dear readers, I, Amzad Zamani, am currently composing and updating this page as I specialize in investment banking. Apart from that, I’m very passionate about such subjects, and the ever-changing economy exists my mind almost all day long.

And to give in to those cravings, I started blogs on different financial markets. There are so many things to cover in this sector that it might take me a lifetime. There are people out there looking for a professional opinion to invest their savings properly, so I try to incorporate all those in different parts of this site.

I have lived in Ohio all my life, and I’m working in the bank for fourteen years now. My favorite sport will be tennis and banking. When I say I’m pretty passionate about my job, I wasn’t faking it. I’ve been a financial advisor to many renowned clients as well as many non-profit organizations.

So this blog is primarily the accumulation of my experience and ethics. I, along with my team, are working to help people looking for something exceptional in the investment field. Moreover, I regularly keep track of what’s happening out there. Most of you youngsters who think newspapers are overrated, I say papers are correct. More reliable than your subreddit blogs.